Virtual classrooms

Our Education Division offers applications to manage alumni and professors’ files and records, as well as a platform to host VR labs to train students with virtual environments specially recreated to fulfill the required lessons.

On the file and record management, we integrate our software platform to easily work with any existing platform for academic, administrative or accounting purpose such as CRM and ERP platforms.

We provide access to the files, in order to support the daily operations and decision-making processes at the campus. The files are stored in our single, unified repository where the user can design their own views of the information and files.

On the virtual reality side, we offer a platform that host VR labs specially designed to support education by the means of simulate highly specialized equipment to operate in a controlled and secured environment.


Solution implemented

The integration between the Ellucian platform and the digital documents repository, was a critical issue to the Tec de Monterrey since this is part of the core for admission process. Being reliable with a platform that guarantee the correct storage of the digital documents allows them to:

  • Be certain about the correct integration of the electronic file for alumni
  • Empower the admission process
  • Facilitate the daily activities to the different areas of alumni service at the campus

Our Education Services are oriented to help organizations to be efficient at the alumni attention and service departments.