Implementation of digitization centers

Our approach to document management is based on our belief to develop the abilities within our customers instead of being a supplier of scanned documents. We work side by side with our clientele to implement scanning centers at their facilities, fully equipped with hardware and software so they can have a steady operation based on the volume of documents to scan, number of users and the different ways to access the information, etcetera

We provide consulting, delivering and support services to walk along the whole process, from the design and assessment of the capabilities required at the scanning center up to the support to maintain the daily operation, through the delivering and implementation of the different components.

Our help desk is always available to handle any requirement from user, operators and administrators to keep the scanning center up and running, without interruptions.

Solution implemented

The scanning center is integrated by:

  • Scanning stations
  • Indexing stations
  • Personnel in charge of the file’s preparation
  • Content management software

The scanning center allows you to have an entity that fulfill the requirements for digital on-line documents that support the daily operations, instead of hiring external personnel to perform activities that should be part of the internal process of the organization. The scanning center reduces the cost associated with paper handling and scanning by third party companies.